Thursday, April 25, 2013

Which Lash Growth Product Work Better: Lash Relonge Vs RapidLash

Previously shorter, stick-straight eyelashes on upper eyelids made the eyes look non-existent of lash lines. Most women tried false lashes, but it was quite tedious to stick them with glue and remove them by pulling. This caused lashes to become weaker and fall out more easily. Using mascara too was troublesome even though it gave the illusion of darker eyelashes but it didn’t make them look longer.
The eyelash growth products like Lash Relonge and RapidLash are natural and safe approach to develop longer beautiful lashes. Let us quickly view on features of these products.

Lash Relonge eyelash conditioner serum:

The product is manufactured by Beaute de Paris; it claims to give fuller, beautiful and longer lashes. Natural elements in this product make it safe and do not cause any side effects. The product has been clinically tested and offers a 60 day money back guarantee.
Lash Relonge

It has usual ingredients that are found in most of eyelash enhancer products. Hyaluronic acid, biotin, pumpkin seeds, Provitamin B5 are said to promote eyelash growth. The return policy for this product is quite complex. The product costs $99.

RapidLash eyelash growth serum:

The product is developed by Rocasbu Inc. and helps to enhance the lashes. It does not contain any harmful chemicals so there is risk to irritate the skin of eyes. The product promotes the lash growth and makes them longer, darker and stronger.

Ingredients like pumpkin seeds and biotin are same as that in Lash Relonge. Other ingredients include sodium Hyaluronate, butylene glycol, glycerin, water, soybean oil, hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans, etc.There is no money back guarantee for this product; it costs mere $ 49.99.

Tips to pick best product to enhance beautiful lashes:

The facts mentioned will aid you to pick the best product for to enhance longer lashes. Both RapidLash and Lash Relonge eyelash growth products are designed to give your longer, beautiful and fuller eyelashes.


Jennifer Hughs said...

You are a biased and unreliable beauty blogger. A quick search reveals that Lash Relonge costs $79 not $139. If you can't honestly report on a price, then all your information is bogus and skewed.

Rapidlash said...

That is a discounted price; originally it costs $99. check it self.

Christina Christy said...

Both are good but i would recommend xlash eyelash serum to make your eyelashes grow thick and long. You will get this product from this website I recommend this because who doesn't want to put on false lashes all the time. I had no irritation, or side effects when using this either. This will make your lashes stronger than they were and they don't fall out as much anymore as a result of using this. You don't have to hesitate to buy this. xlash eyelash serum works really amazingly.

Maddy said...

Have only been using this for a short while but already noticing a bit of extra fullness in my lashes. Great pricing through the hair envy site as compared to everywhere else. Bought some for my mother to try also.

Brooke said...

This is the second time I have ordered something other than Latisse where I have been dissatisfied with the product. The trouble is that the tube does not seem to have very much product in it from the very beginning. Even with the first use, very little liquid was on the wand.

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