Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RapidLash Vs ActivLash: Which One Promote Better Eyelash Growth?

Majority of women are obsessed with longer eyelashes that make their eyes seem beautiful. There are many eyelash growth products; ActivLash and RapidLash are two such enhancer products. Let us take a closer look on which one work better and actually promote growth of fuller lashes.

RapidLash: Is It Effective Eyelash Enhancer?

Rocasuba Inc. is developer of RapidLash. The product is effective to grow both lashes and brows. The product can be used to increase the length, thickness and strength of the eyelashes.

It contains pumpkin seeds, provitamin B5, biotic, amino acid, hyaluronic acid and isopropyl chloprostenate. This helps in renewing cell growth which helps in lash enhancement.

The product is economical hence easily available; yet it is powerful. The product costs $45.95; available online and at retailers.

The official website lacks information about the company. It contains FAQs and testimonials. The website provides deep insight on the ingredients used in this product.

Does ActivLash Work To Give Fuller Eyelashes?

Developed by team of physicians the product lacks any information on whether it is clinically proven or not. ActivLash promises to give you longer and fuller eyelashes. The product works well and does not cause any irritation or darken the iris as commonly seen with some eyelash enhancer products.

It is a growth system which is easy to use and can be applied to upper and lower lashes. It has Glycoprotein and swertia herb extract both stimulate the growth of hair follicles by increasing the blood circulation. It also has green tea extract and anti-oxidants that are potent to fight against the free radicals.

The full ingredient list is provided and the product is safe to be worn with makeup. The official website shows few before after photos and also has customer testimonials. No free samples are offered for this product, and it proves expensive at $129.

Quick Wrap Up To Get Better Eyelash Growth Product:

Both ActivLash and RapidLash appear to help stimulate growth of hair follicles and enhance your eyelashes. It is better to read different eyelash enhancer reviews to get clear idea on which product work better for you.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Which Lash Growth Product Work Better: Lash Relonge Vs RapidLash

Previously shorter, stick-straight eyelashes on upper eyelids made the eyes look non-existent of lash lines. Most women tried false lashes, but it was quite tedious to stick them with glue and remove them by pulling. This caused lashes to become weaker and fall out more easily. Using mascara too was troublesome even though it gave the illusion of darker eyelashes but it didn’t make them look longer.
The eyelash growth products like Lash Relonge and RapidLash are natural and safe approach to develop longer beautiful lashes. Let us quickly view on features of these products.

Lash Relonge eyelash conditioner serum:

The product is manufactured by Beaute de Paris; it claims to give fuller, beautiful and longer lashes. Natural elements in this product make it safe and do not cause any side effects. The product has been clinically tested and offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

It has usual ingredients that are found in most of eyelash enhancer products. Hyaluronic acid, biotin, pumpkin seeds, Provitamin B5 are said to promote eyelash growth. The return policy for this product is quite complex. The product costs $99.

RapidLash eyelash growth serum:

The product is developed by Rocasbu Inc. and helps to enhance the lashes. It does not contain any harmful chemicals so there is risk to irritate the skin of eyes. The product promotes the lash growth and makes them longer, darker and stronger.

Ingredients like pumpkin seeds and biotin are same as that in Lash Relonge. Other ingredients include sodium Hyaluronate, butylene glycol, glycerin, water, soybean oil, hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans, etc.There is no money back guarantee for this product; it costs mere $ 49.99.

Tips to pick best product to enhance beautiful lashes:

The facts mentioned will aid you to pick the best product for to enhance longer lashes. Both RapidLash and Lash Relonge eyelash growth products are designed to give your longer, beautiful and fuller eyelashes.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Which Eyelash Enhancer Product Work Well ? - LiLash Vs RapidLash

Longer thicker eyelashes have been one of the most difficult aspects of beauty for women. The natural eyelashes become thin and short due to ageing, or side-effects caused form some medications like chemotherapy. Most women opt for home remedies to enhance their lashes; but this will take more time to achieve longer and lovely lashes. Some of them uses the eyelash enhancer that have all natural ingredients that  helps them get beautiful lashes without causing any side-effects. Let us now discuss on two of the well-known eyelash enhancer products: Lilash and RapidLash.

LiLash for growing thicker eyelashes quickly:

This product contains combination of botanicals and growth enhancers that help in faster growth of the thicker lashes. This makes the eyes look darker and appear more beautiful. It works faster and gives you results within few weeks. It is salt free so does not cause irritation to eyes; has been laboratory tested for safety. It helps in reaching the desired length of lashes and also maintains the longer lashes by making them stronger. It also works to reverse the brittleness of the lashes by making them stronger and healthier. It contains paraben and prostaglandin that contribute to thicker and shinier lashes.

Use this product cautiously on the lashes; since it can cause irritation and discoloration when it comes in contact with the eyes. The product is quite expensive; but it offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

RapidLash for getting longer eyelashes:

It helps in effectively growing longer lashes but this will work quite slowly and take several weeks to show results. Use this product carefully, avoid contact with eyes; this can cause irritation to the eyes. The product is less costly; and you cannot return the product.

It is developed by Rocasbu Inc.; is available online and helps in enhancing the does not contain any harmful chemicals that could irritate the eyes. The product has fatty acid that helps in promoting the cell growth which is linked with development of lashes. It has been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness of the ingredients.

Both the products work for enhancing the lashes and making you r eyes look beautiful. As different people have different skin type; so it depends on you to choose the one that suits you. You can also go through other eyelash enhancers product reviews that help in enriching the growth and look of your lashes.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tips For Enhancing Eyelashes

Most women consider beautiful and longer eyelashes as sign of femininity; it enriches their overall appearance. Unfortunately, many women have thin and sparse lashes which lower the beauty of their eyes. The eyelashes may become brittle due to deficiency of vitamin D, E in the body; frequent rubbing of eyes also cause the lashes to break off easily. Let us discuss some tips for enhancing the look of eyelashes:

Simple tips for enhancing the eyelashes:

Earlier the falsies and extensions were popular among women who had thin eyelashes. Even though it enriched the beauty of the eyes but while removing it; pulling caused breakage of original lashes. Here are few tips that will assist you to enhance the beauty of lashes naturally:
  • You can use mascara that makes the lashes appear denser and intensely darker.
  • You have to take care of the eyes and lashes by cleaning them with water.
  • Always remember to remove the eye make-up with remover before going to bed.
  • Apply castor oil/almond oil on the lashes at night which nourishes and conditions the lashes.
  • You can use an eyelash brush for applying the castor oil on to the lashes.
  • You can use a light pressure eyelash curler for giving perfect shape to lashes; so they appear gorgeous.
  • You can use natural eyelash enhancers that has all organic ingredients on the lashes. You can follow up with or without using mascara.
Following these simple tips will help you to enhance the look of the lashes. This will make your lashes to look darker and longer. You should be cautious with the application of the castor oil or eyelash enhancing products; avoid contact with eyes. Go for eyelash enhancers that are safe and effective for growing longer eyelashes.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Which Eyelash Growth Product Work Better? - RevitaLash Vs RapidLash

Short sparse eyelashes these are definitely degrades the attractiveness of the eyes and complete let down on. your overall appearance. Many women are born with naturally darker and thicker eyelashes; but lose them as time progresses. The main reason for eyelash falling out includes the deficiency of essential nutrients which are responsible for boosting the hair follicles. Other reasons for thinning lashes can be due to medication like chemotherapy that it makes your hair thin and brittle.

Women constantly search for ways to enhance the look of the eyelashes; using eyelash extensions can worsen the problem of original eyelashes. Natural eyelash enhancers help in repairing the growth of eyelashes and make them thick. RevitaLash and RapidLash are two such products; let us discuss about the product features.

RevitaLash and RapidLash are products which have natural ingredients to enhance the growth of the eyelashes and make them appear thicker. Both of them addresses the unnatural fall out of eyelashes and make them longer and stronger. They both come from different manufacturers RevitaLash is from Athena cosmetics.

Growing naturally longer eyelashes with RevitaLash:

It is in liquid form that can be used similar to any eyeliner application. Some of the ingredients of this product are sodium chloride, citric acid and de-ionized water. The website has testimonials which tell the experiences of some of its users. There are no before after pictures that show the effective results on using this product. The official website offers little information about the product; so it does not reveal why one should opt for this one.

RapidLash for beautiful eyelashes:

It is a serum that helps in thickening the eyelashes without causing any irritation on the eyes. The official website has photo gallery and testimonials that give an insight on the effectiveness about the product. It has active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, biotin, etc.

If you desire to have longer and thicker eyelashes; you should opt for natural eyelashes. I have described the product information above now it’s up to you to choose the best one among rest!

Monday, March 4, 2013

What You Need To Know About Rapid Lash?

With Increase in trends for Beauty and fashion people have started adopting to new celebrity fashions and Lookups. Five years from now we may have wanted a pillowy lips like Angelina Jolie but now new eyelashes and brows are in fashion, pulling out old facial features out of trends.

With Availabilty of False Eyelash and other Eyelash Serums, People have started to try out unique and innovative lashes and brows. Starting with bold and beautiful Fake lashes from Kim Kardashian, to sweet subtle sets of Holly Robinson Peete's, and Kate Mara's Purple smokey-eye look. The first product of Lash enhancer was Latisse, a prescription drug launched in the year 2009 for longer and lusher lashes growth. Understanding the market and huge demand for new fashion trends various eyelash serums where launched which claim to increase the growth of lashes and promise to look fuller and lengthier. Let us discuss product reviews of few lash enhancers among them one is Rapidlash Lash and Brows Enhancer.

Rapidlash Lash enhancer is Manufactured under brand name Rapidlash. All the information about the product is given on Rapidlash site but product purchase is hosted on other site rocasuba. Information on the site says product is proven to enhance look of lashes and brows. Product is infused with Effective mix of Polypeptides, it is clinically proven safe and effective.

Information on the site describes Product is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. However it says as like with any product, certain people may be allergic towards the product due to different skin types or ingredients used in it. In such cases individuals are advices to stop using the product and consult a physician.
Upon first application of serum it might cause mild sensation, after few minutes it would improve. Continuous use of the serum, mild sensation would completely disappear. It comes out with a caption Help improve your own lashes and brows in as little as 4 weeks, giving 1 month as a minimum time period to see significant improvement.

Clinically Proven:
Product is Clinically proven and it is displayed on the product: The safety and efficacy of Rapid lash is clinically Tested.


  • Product does not offer free trial.
  • Proven results and clinical research info is scarce.
  • Even though the site is it is tested for safe and effective still few people complain about the mild sensation and skin side effects.
  • Certain information on other sites says the ingredients used for developing the product causes some side effects.
  • Product cannot be purchased on official site and roots to other site.
  • Website does not provide detailed information about company and Brand etc.
  • Customer reviews on the site seems to focus more on growth of Brows compared to eyelashes.

Customer Review:

Some customer give positive reviews about the product saying it really helped them see the results in first 2 weeks and come reviews state that product really helps to grow long lashes. While others give negative reviews.

There is a increase in growth for Rapidlash as per the reviews stating the product effectiveness in growing lashes, and Brows. Out of 2 reviews shown on the site for thicker brows and only one for eyelashes which does not show significant growth which is little contradictory as most reviews also talk about brows than lashes. Making the product available for lesser cost leaves Rapidlash as one of the affordable one.
Despite the information and rapidlash review is always well advised to read through the product reviews and information, ingredients, side effects and whether the product really helps to maintain healthier lashes and brows up on discontinuing it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How Safe Is Rapid Lash - What Are The Side Effects And Dangers Of Using RapidLash

Every woman wants to have longer and thicker eye lashes, which would enhance their beauty and youthfulness. Some woman are born with shorter eye lashes, some other women may lose their eye lashes due to aging or uncertain conditions. They can either use extensions to their eye lashes or use mascara to darken their lashes, but this could cause you with thing and breaking of natural lashes. There are many eye lash enhancer in the market one of them is Rapidlash; let's review on some of its features.
Rapidlash is manufactured by the company named Rocasuba Inc., which helps you to grow longer, thicker and healthy eye lashes and brows. The official website shows the before after pictures, where effective results on using this product is significantly visible. This product can be used by both men and women, since its active ingredients do not causes any serious side effects. This has been clinically proven to repair and strengthen the damaged eye lashes and enhance the skin by moisturizing and conditioning.

It is recommended to apply the product once a day. Be careful NOT to apply it into the eyes but instead use a brush to put the serum on the eye lashes. It is advisable to consult your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing mother.

How does it work?

This product contains Rhizobian Gum and Sodium Hyaluranote which moisturizes thereby providing shine and elasticity to the eye lashes. The ingredients contains vitamins, minerals and proteins which helps to repair the damaged lashes, stimulates the growth of hair follicles and makes them stronger, thicker and longer.


Its key ingredient contains the properties of prostaglandin which is clinically proven for repairing and enhancing the lashes and brow hair. It contains biotin and amino acids, which is rich in proteins, helps in maintaining of healthier eye lashes. The soyabean oil acts as a moisturizer and also makes your eye lashes seem darker and thicker. This product also contains pumpkin seed extract which is rich in vitamins and minerals, helps to improve the overall appearance of the eye brows and lashes.

Side effects of rapidlash:

It does not contain the harmful components such as prostaglandin and parabens, which are active ingredients used in many eyelash enhancers. Instead it contains a derivate of prostaglandin, used to treat the glaucoma. Effective results are visible on the glaucoma patients, with the growth of durable and longer eye lashes. There are still complaints by some users regarding irritation around the eyes, redness and even eye-discoloration. Some users complained for blurring in the vision, which could lead to blindness in the eyes. Hence these side-effects can be lessened by carefully applying the serum with brush onto the eyelash and eye brow.


  • Not suitable for women with hypersensitivity as they may experience irritation in eyes.
  • Detailed information on ingredients used is not clearly listed.
  • The official website does not contain any information on manufacturer is provided.

Rapidlash is different from other natural eye enhancers as it does not contain harmful compounds but instead uses the derivative of prostaglandin. Since there are no serious side effects except mild itching to people with sensitivity, men and women both can try it for once.