Sunday, April 14, 2013

Which Eyelash Enhancer Product Work Well ? - LiLash Vs RapidLash

Longer thicker eyelashes have been one of the most difficult aspects of beauty for women. The natural eyelashes become thin and short due to ageing, or side-effects caused form some medications like chemotherapy. Most women opt for home remedies to enhance their lashes; but this will take more time to achieve longer and lovely lashes. Some of them uses the eyelash enhancer that have all natural ingredients that  helps them get beautiful lashes without causing any side-effects. Let us now discuss on two of the well-known eyelash enhancer products: Lilash and RapidLash.

LiLash for growing thicker eyelashes quickly:

This product contains combination of botanicals and growth enhancers that help in faster growth of the thicker lashes. This makes the eyes look darker and appear more beautiful. It works faster and gives you results within few weeks. It is salt free so does not cause irritation to eyes; has been laboratory tested for safety. It helps in reaching the desired length of lashes and also maintains the longer lashes by making them stronger. It also works to reverse the brittleness of the lashes by making them stronger and healthier. It contains paraben and prostaglandin that contribute to thicker and shinier lashes.
Use this product cautiously on the lashes; since it can cause irritation and discoloration when it comes in contact with the eyes. The product is quite expensive; but it offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

RapidLash for getting longer eyelashes:

It helps in effectively growing longer lashes but this will work quite slowly and take several weeks to show results. Use this product carefully, avoid contact with eyes; this can cause irritation to the eyes. The product is less costly; and you cannot return the product.

It is developed by Rocasbu Inc.; is available online and helps in enhancing the does not contain any harmful chemicals that could irritate the eyes. The product has fatty acid that helps in promoting the cell growth which is linked with development of lashes. It has been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness of the ingredients.

Both the products work for enhancing the lashes and making you r eyes look beautiful. As different people have different skin type; so it depends on you to choose the one that suits you. You can also go through other eyelash enhancers product reviews that help in enriching the growth and look of your lashes.


Harsel Gidds said...

Thanks for the review. Try to use xlash eyelash serum from here This product for hair growth is a kind of topical solution applied on the eyelids. This specific product offers almost the same effect in the length and growth like others. When the product has already given you fuller, thicker and longer hair on the lids, there is definitely no longer a need to use mascara.

Layla said...

For a while, I was getting eyelash extensions and I then had no eyelashes. My self-esteem broke because I looked sick. My lashes grew within two weeks and I was very happy. I thought I permanently damaged my eyelashes but I did not.

Leticia Rice said...

Great serum I used it under my mascara before I get ready for school. It works like a charm. I mostly used it for my eye brows and my eye brows grew in very well because they wee sparse and in grown hairs now I have smooth thick eye brows

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